Massage your Muscles to Relax them

Our body is made up of numerous muscles; they are as thin as the tip of a needle. They all contract and relax themselves however, when they contract and are unable to relax the same time, it causes a cramp. We are more prone to get cramps in the calf, arch of the foot and thighs. They are painful and beyond our control. However, have you thought why it happens to some people more than the others? This can happen due to a lot many reasons.

Athletes and people doing a lot of physical activities are prone to the problem of cramps in their muscles. Other reasons for the same can be like deficiency of vitamin D and B6, magnesium, calcium, potassium or oxygen in the body tissue, nervous irritability and mental stress. You can try doing exercises which will reduce your problem of muscle cramp to a great extend. You can a few and see the difference, try to lie on the bed with you feet elevated for a minute or two. You can also try to massage you feet, lower legs and toes, to relax your muscles.

In case of a cramp you can try massaging the muscles in the cramped area. However, if it happens during the night, try to put you legs toward the ceiling, another way would be to get up and walk a little, this makes the muscles move and get them relaxed. But if you are facing the problem quite often, it will be good to see a doctor. A lot of cramps may cause damage to your muscles in long run. The best way to get rid of them or reduce the problem is to massage your muscles on regular basis.

Benefits of Medical Massage

When the massage treatment is used to cure a special condition, it is termed as medical massage.Physicians sometimes recommend massage over another mode of treatments as sometimes they turn out to be more useful. Different techniques are used to cure problems like chronic pain relief, stress, headaches, neck pain, anxiety, depression and so many others. Not just for problems, it is also used to improve certain things like:-

– Improving pain tolerance

– Improving joint mobility

– Improve circulation

– Improving lymphatic drainage

– Reducing muscular tension

One thing that must be marked that massage can be given by anyone but medical massage can only be given by a trained therapist. Here we are discussing some of the conditions that can be treated, in detail.

– Migraines and Headaches:- Massage is often used to relax the body. For those who feel migraines and headaches, massage is ideal for them. But for this technique to work, it is required to be done to perfection while being performed by the therapist.

– Carpel Tunnel Syndrome:- Generally in this condition, people feel numbness, tingling and pain in the hands and finger joints and the pain can also move to forearms, becoming unbearable. In order to cure carpel tunnel syndrome, light pressure is applied to the muscles in the shoulders, arm and wrist.

– Back and Neck pain:- This is one of the general problems people face due to heavy lifting and poor body posture. Whether it is chronic or lasts for few minutes, massage can be very helpful under such conditions. If correct muscles are targeted, massage can cure such daily problems without any additional medicines.

– Muscle cramps:- Muscle cramps can occur normally even by daily tasks and exercises. It can be cured by massage therapy because the pain caused by such cramps can be very painful and require effective treatment.

After going through all the points and problems that can be cured by massage therapy, it can be concluded that massage therapy is indeed an important technique which can be used to be implemented by a trained therapist to solve so many chronic pain problems in humans.